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Their pastor anointed Chris and baptized their newborn daughter at his bedside.The parish where they had met—he was the choir director and she sang in the choir—had been supportive with meals and babysitting during the tumultuous weeks since his diagnosis.

“You’re in this emotional whirlwind, and you think you have to deliver this Campbell Soup mom.You either cling to your faith, or you walk away.” French clung to it.“My faith was kind of like a map that you pull out of the car when you get lost,” says French, who grew up in a large Catholic family on the East Coast.While many Catholics have questioned that limited definition of “family” for years, single mothers struggle not only with feeling left out but also with all the practical and financial challenges of raising kids without a partner. Various surveys show that of all children born today, as many as 41 percent are born to unmarried women, although some of those women may be living with the baby’s father.As French points out, “Who drives my babysitter home at the end of the night? About a quarter of all American children live in single-parent households, the vast majority of which (85 percent) are headed by women, according to U. This compares with 20 percent of births to unmarried women in 1990.

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“Just to be in a place that was peaceful and where you knew people were trying to get along and do the right thing was comforting,” she says. There was some place to go.” French also found other Catholics to be compassionate, including those who helped her through the annulment process.

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