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If you’re looking to golf, bike, and hike, expect temps in the 70s and low 80s from June to September, although you’ll find good weather for outdoor shenanigans as early as April, and as late as October.

The party scene, however, is best in July and August. if money is no object and you love to ski: Ritz-Carlton at Northstar It might look like Hogwarts from the outside, but on the inside, this ski-in/ski-out spot has a massive spa, and one of the best barbecue joints in Tahoe. If you’re looking to party: Mont Bleau To help you minimize the possible logistic mishaps that come between “What’s your name? ”, this hotel's got not one, but two, big time clubs... Plus a theater that hosts most of the major bands that come to South Lake.

And upon being asked by visitors what the strange, gray objects were, Captain Dick would simply respond, “Them’s my toes.” Perhaps in a tribute to Captain Dick, your best friend just put something else in a box (an engagement ring!

Nov 14 2017 Raliance Sport Prevention Center Now Open!

On November 14th, Raliance launched the Sport Prevention Center, a new interactive tool to support sexual and domestic violence prevention in the sport community.

Come on, he's not Justin Timberlake), presented it to his special lady, and now, will presumably be living a much-less-hermit-like lifestyle as a result.

So really, if you think about it like that, what better place to take your boy to celebrate said accomplishment than Captain Dick’s final resting place: Lake Tahoe, home to some of the world’s best skiing, gambling, and party people ready to help send him off in style.

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The training, entitled “Logic Models for Prevention Programming II” explored the basics of creating logic models for prevention programming.

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