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Telephone and short-term individual in-person counseling for victims/survivors and their children; emergency shelter for victim/survivors and their children am to pm, Monday to Friday (administration). am to pm, Monday, Wednesday, Friday; pm to pm, Tuesday and Thursday. The program, which works closely with A Woman's Place, also aims to increase public education in the area of domestic violence. Screening of all female patients is the goal, as well as heightened awareness of domestic violence within the health care community and increased referrals to social service organizations. Community-based support groups for victims/survivors meet weekly in Bensalem, Bristol, Doylestown, Newtown, and Perkasie at various times; woman-to-woman violence and teen dating violence support groups formed on an as-needed basis; support groups for child witnesses are offered several times a year; support groups for survivors of domestic violence wanting to work on other issues are offered several times a year.

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She is faculty member at CHOP’s Policy Lab and a Community Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Pennsylvania. Dowshen was awarded a career development award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the use of youth-friendly technology to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy and other health outcomes for sexual and gender minority adolescents living with HIV/AIDS.

The Task Force also seeks to increase the role of hospitals and the Health Department in community education about domestic violence and to involve more police officers and district justices in its efforts. Must call 24 Hour Hotline for support group information. Self -help/support group in Bucks County whose purpose is to assist non-custodial parents with their difficulties.

Nadia Dowshen, MD is a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist who serves as Director of Adolescent HIV Services in the Craig-Dalsimer Division of Adolescent Medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

She is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

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