Radcombobox not updating

i.e., in Demo, search is among A1 to A100 (total records) and return msg ....i.e., among all items (A2000) it got batch/page/Item Per Page wise, then when i scroll down it shows more search result.

How do I initiate it without any items being selected?Believe me, without j Query, Java Script manipulation is going to be tough! Lets look at one more control and I promise we will be done after that.Rad Combo Box: This one is my favorite control, I just love bitching about this control. The code to use the Rad Combo Box in your page would look like The above Rad Combo Box is suppose to show users a list of countries. Lets say, if you wanted to do something when client side onblur event occurs for a Rad Text Box and Rad Combo Box. The above code shows how we attached an client side onblur event with Rad Text Box.As you might have known already from my previous post, in one of my projects we use Telerik Controls extensively for showing various GUI controls. Lot of people have asked me, why I hate them, hence for the benefit of the community, I have decided to document the reasons of my hatred for Telerik controls.Telerik has provided a lot of controls that could be used in variety of situations.

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