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Then you can consider action such as a formal letter of complaint (sent to them or their landlord if they rent their home).The sample letter below suggests mediation if you can’t both reach agreement between yourselves.Falling out with your neighbour can be particularly distressing for you and your family.It can affect your enjoyment of your home and garden.They also have the power to take your neighbour’s noise-making equipment.If this does not stop the “noise nuisance” they must issue a “noise abatement order”.It can also be intimidating knowing that you may have to pass your neighbour in the street.

Where the neighbour rents their home, you can also write to their landlord.

These can be usually checked through the Land Registry.

Where the service has been used over a long time – continuous and unchallenged use – usually for 20 years – then the right is given in law.

If you do not have such rights then the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 may give you the right to go onto your neighbour’s land in order for you (or a workman instructed by you) to carry out 'basic preservation works' to your property.

If the neighbour doesn’t agree to your request to access his land for this type of maintenance, then you’ll need to apply to court.

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