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Signal levels ranging from -61 to -75 depending on position and distance, the result is the same.Wireless Rudy: These 3 devices were used one at a time, never together, but all three show the same behaviour.clients still get stong singals as tx power is fine but rx is almost non existant.

They are all configured as an access-point (802.11 b/g/n), and I get a lot of disconnections and very poor performances (high latency, variable between ms, 100kbit/s throughput).

I confirm there are several issues with RB751 wireless.

My setup is the following: RB751 with ROS 5.14 configured with B G N, italian regulatory domain (20 d Bm), very clean 2.4 GHz spectrum2 clients within 1 m range: A Dell D830 with an Intel 4965AGN running Linux A Nokia N900The Dell client, thought using high-speed modulations has unstable throughput rarely going over 30 Mbit/s to an ethernet-connected host (either single TCP or concurrent TCP sessions).

RMAing the device and we still have the same % of them being deaf.

Stopped using them until Mikrotik can address the issue.

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