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What they did add were new perspectives, inviting Dene singer Leela Gilday as dramaturg, and choreographer Matjash Mrozewski, who created a gestural language to unite the singers, musicians, and dancers.

Louis Riel, the opera by Harry Somers and Mavor Moore commissioned for the Canadian centenary in 1967, was hungrily received into the national canon.

Halsey laments her love life with her totally infectious new single 'Bad At Love', for which she has released a video looking ultra stylish in a leather jacket, red bandana and a cute dress. The 22-year-old New Jersey singer's second album 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' dropped in June via Astralwerks and Virgin EMI, and on it we heard this fascinating addition to the conceptual project. Lee, is interconnected with the others from the album, like lead single 'Now Or Never', all linking together to tell a story about a limbo land between heaven and hell.

She was partly influence by Baz Luhrmann's take on 'Romeo and Juliet' for this record, on which she worked alongside Greg Kurstin, Benny Blanco and Ricky Reed and others and ended up making it to number one in the US charts.

Attended at the end of a disastrous November, there is something portentous about Chicago Lyric Opera’s magnificent new production of Berlioz’s Les Troyens.

This retelling of the Aeneid is a grim illustration of the Greeks’ belief in the implacability of fate and the tragedies bred by humanity’s struggle against it.

And Canada did, and the Vancouver Planetarium and Museum was a great planetarium, and everybody was very happy. After three years of “transadaptated” and time-warped Mozart, this year Joel Ivany’s Open Space residency at Banff Centre has discovered more recent material: Claude Vivier’s intriguing and ambitious chamber opera Kopernikus from 1979, and with it a surprising comfort with the unaltered text.

The slightly awed production team (Ivany: “This may be the greatest work of Canadian chamber opera.” Topher Mokrzewski: “Why qualify it?

Tapestry Opera’s newest, biggest, and most complex production to date comes from that island of new opera where budgets are small and “plot” is not a dirty word.The effort to state a problem in such a way that a computer can be used to solve it will distort your view of the problem.It will allow you to consider only those aspects of the problem which can be encoded—and in many cases these are the most trivial and the least relevant aspects.” Christopher Alexander Any overly rigid adaptation risks repeating the mistakes of its source material while adding new ones.And the new work must also justify its arrival—why this? Another Brick in the Wall, Opera de Montreal’s new opera treatment of Pink Floyd’s seminal 1979 rock album The Wall, is untroubled by such questions.Despite the flamboyant angst of its subject, the manchild rock star Pink, Another Brick In The Wall has the self-assurance of a signed merchandizing contract.

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”) took an unfamiliarly reverent approach to the score.

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