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How you take character to someone who comes off as an amateurish high schooler who brays and snorts inappropriately?? but the problem was not the role, but the overt lack of consistency/flow in the screenwriting.

Episode 2 forward felt as if these characters came to be on different planets.

Hearty Thanks & Congratulations to all of you, I love Ji JIn Hee & I look forward to see you more in Korean Historic Films. Ji Jin Hee was a little bit obscure in Jewel in the Palace. He showed all kinds of emotion, ranging from Love, Care, Happiness, Longing, Sad, Hurt, Anger etc and some abstract qualities like Respect, Obedience, Law abiding, Selflessness and most importantly, Humility. Thought, hmm, they cannot possibly send in the ditzy, awkward, obnoxiously saccharine, and strident heroine.

I mean, i didn't even notice him much, but in Dong Yi?? I just hope he doesn't disappointment me as i am about to embark on the journey of watching his other TV show/drama(s). So much so, I feel his talents were utterly wasted and completely. This was after all about pilots, something a little more serious, and with Epi 1 as powerful as it was, no way they (the production team) could possibly skewered this.

There was no chemistry between him and the actresses that he was paired with, especially in "Take care of us, Captain", and that make their scenes together awkward and unemotional.

I think that Ji Jin Hee and Han Hyo Joo are a very nice couple.

They are very funny, cute and have great chemistry.

I haven't seen many of his performances except "The Great Seer", but I should watch more!

I dropped Gourmet like a hot potato for the same exact reason when the "airhead" popped up at the gate 2-3 episodes in.

Didn't care for the Me Ari character of Gentlemen's Dignity either.

Episodes 12 to 14 literally had me in tears and holding back sobs because of how amazingly he conveys tragedy and anguish in his eyes in the more emotional scenes. You are an Amazing Actor, every one of the Dramas that I have watched with you are amazing. I just finished watching I Have a Lover.is the first drama that you played as the lead role that I watched...I just loved...loved...loved it so much...

Keep up the Great work, I know that many of your fans feel the same way. I never like a long drama serie...because I knew that they always try to drag the stories with so many unnecessary trivia .this one is exceptional....

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I was really looking forward to seeing them with the anticipation of enjoying Ji Jin Hee's performance but they both are terrible disappointments.

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