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If you are relying on them for for a sense of emotional security, you are in a codependent relationship.If you don't feel comfortable or confident in your own skin without your partner around, pay attention. Wish says that women stay in unhealthy codependent relationships because they don't think they will find anyone better."They surrender too much of what they want, think, or feel for the sake of staying in the relationship." Think Jennifer Goodwin's character in .A codependent person's identity takes a backseat to the well-being of a relationship.They perceive conflict — even healthy conflict or minor arguments — as a threat to that well-being."They fear that they can't make it on their own, without their partner," says Dr. Codependent people also are rarely attracted to each other. "Then they redouble their efforts to avoid speaking up cause they do not want to risk having a fight, and the feelings they experience inside of themselves." How do I know they're not just passive? "They have to be supportive for the sake of the relationship that's going to grow and flourish." If you get mad when your codependent partner does speak up, it will only make things worse.

But if you are staying in a relationship because you feel like no one else will love you or "put up with you," that's actually a surefire sign you need to be on your own for a bit.

She says codependents often suffer from “Death By 1,000 Accommodations.” If you are constantly rearranging your schedule to match that of your partner's, you're not taking care of yourself.

You can both be in a relationship and maintain your independence, so be honest with yourself. If you aren't, bring it up to your partner and take note of how they react. If they get defensive or avoid the discussion and you find yourself shutting down, Dr.

If your friends are constantly saying "we miss you" and "where have you been?

" they could just be greedy friends who want to spend all of the time with you, but more likely, they are noticing that something has shifted within you.

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