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This liposome-forming compound is used for transfection of nucleic acids into a wide variety of eukaryotic cell types.A stable complex is formed when Escort IV is mixed with DNA in the absence of serum.There are many guides that help you select a transfection reagent.In general, consider: The type of cell(s) you will transfect The type of nucleic acid or protein you will introduce to the cell The composition of your cell culture medium The need for stable or transient transfection The equipment you have available The other factors important to you - cost, protocol flexibility, ease of use, etc.

What people are talking about today: TV producer Shonda Rhimes is heading to Netflix after a 15-year streak of hit-making at ABC Studios, The Wall Street Journal reports (paywall), calling the move "the clearest sign yet of an arms race for talent between new and old entertainment industry giants." The "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" producer will start working on new Netflix shows while staying involved in her existing ABC Studios series, Variety says.In general, larger sized plasmids should easily transfect with readily available transfection reagents, as along as the plasmid DNA is of high purity.For many common cell lines, transfection reagent efficiency is very high and the protocols will not require any optimization.The Verge says the bot "could be the best new player in the world." Buyer Beware: Amazon is refunding some people who bought possibly fake sunglasses for the solar eclipse, CNN Money reports. That's how much producer Shonda Rhimes's shows for ABC Studios have generated in revenue from ads, rerun sales and international licensing, according to The Wall Street Journal. Variety says that was Rhimes' estimated annual earnings under her deal with ABC Studios. Campaign of the Day: For anybody in need of some sunshine today: Facebook Live is bringing together five versions of Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" from different museums.

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Cultured common cell lines are often immortalized, and generally continue to aquire mutations, leading to a heterogenous population that may perform differently from cells of lower passage number - leading to results that are not reproducible.

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