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Thus, it is essential to learn what the actual sexual practices of couples are and this book is a tool with a wealth of information.This study was attacked from the beginning by the Neither Religious Nor Right.

And that's really the heart of this study, trying to get to the truth.Embargoed until the day--October 10--the press announced its overall findings, this is the popular report of the most authoritative study ever of sexual behavior in the U. (A companion report, The Social Organization of Sexuality [Univ.of Chicago, .95, 0-226-46957-3], is addressed to social scientists, counselors, and health professionals.) Its most startling conclusion is that most Americans don't "do it" as much as the media and such previous surveys as Kinsey's have made us think.9,000 addresses were selected from random geographical locations.The participants, aged 18 to 55 years, completed an hour and a half interview about their sexual practices.

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Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in an omnibus case about whether same-sex couples are allowed to marry in all 50 states in this country.

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